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The Republic of Kenya has a land area of approximately 582,650 Km2, bordering the Indian Ocean and Somalia to the East, South Sudan and Ethiopia to the North, Uganda to the West and Tanzania to the South. The total ocean area is approximately 221,778 Km2, with an Exclusive Economic Zone stretching 350 nautical miles and strategic inland water bodies covering approximately 10,812 Km2.

Kenya holds special interests in maritime transport and navigation as a coastal, port and flag State, and due to her strategic location along the East African coast, the country is central to regional shipping. The Kenyan coastline lies along major maritime trading and tanker routes connecting Africa to Europe, the Far East and the Americas. The Port of Mombasa in Kenya remains the largest and most strategic gateway to the Eastern and Central Africa region.

Kenya reaffirms her commitment to remain focused in ensuring that the Region’s and the international maritime community’s interests continue to be upheld.

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