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  Services  Requirements  User charges(Kshs)  TimeLine 
1. Vessel inspection for seaworthiness(Full inspection)  
  • Application by owner
    • Exceeding 500 tons but not exceeding 1, 600 tons
      • Exceeding 1, 600 but not exceeding 3, 000 tons
        • Exceeding 3, 000
  • 3,160
    • 4,180
      • 5,580
        • 8,740
 Response in 3 days
2. Inspection of Life Saving Appliances  For a partial inspection on the application of the owner, or for the inspection of the ship where the equipment is found to be defective, or as a result of changes or modification in the equipment: For an additional copy of the record of safety equipment  1320 - For each visit made to the ship
 Response in 3 days
3. Inspection of life jackets  
  1. For the inspection and stamping of life jackets at the maker’s works, for each 10 life jackets
    1. Minimum fee (to be charged if the number of life jackets dealt with at one visit does not exceed 100
      1. For each visit made to the ship at the owner’s request to re inspect any item of the life-saving appliances or equipment
 80 500 1,320  Response in 3 days
4. Issuance of continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)
  • Kenyan citizen of 18 years and above
    • STCW 95 certificates
      • Photocopy of national ID
        • Two (2) passport size photos
          • Written application letter
  • 3,160
    • 4,180
      • 5,580
        • 8,740
 Response in 3 days
5. Replacement of mutilated/filled up/expired CDC (CDC)  Mutilated/Filled up/ expired book 2 passport size photo Self application  800  Proces- sing of application 3 days
6.  Replacement of lost CDC  Police abstract Photocopy/receipt of the lost book Provision for Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) for 6 months Fee for the new CDC  
  • 150
    • 1,200
 Proces- sing of application 3 days
7. Search and rescue services)  None  Free  Available 24 hours
8. Intervention in disputes involving seafarers and ship owners)  
    Formal request
 Free  Immediately
9. Crew listing and endorsement of ships article)  (Crew must have CDC and STCW 95) Attendance on board on request Endorsement of Ships Article for the engagement or discharge of seamen before a shipping master: For each of the first hundred men engaged For each man engaged in excess of 100 For each of the first 100 men discharged For each man discharged in excess of 100  
  • 200
  • 60
  • 20
  • 12
  • 20
  • 12
10. Registration of ship agents  
  1. Copy of certificate of incorporation
    1. Copy of memorandum/articles of association
      1. Copy of PIN Certificate
        1. Official application
          1. Application feer
            1. License fee



5 days
 11. Registration of shipping line  
  1. Official application
    1. Copies of tariffs for each route
      1. Copies of documents to show proof of nationality
        1. Copies of documents to show the name and location/address of the shipping line and shipping agent.
          1. Copies of the conditions of carriage (Bill of lading clauses) for each route.
            1. Application fee
              1. License fee
  • 100 US Dollars
    • 2,500
 5 days
 12. Provision of information on seaborne trade produced quarterly) Formal request Free Immediately


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