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The protection of the marine Environment and safe use of our waters is everyone’s responsibility. Kenya Maritime Authority in its mission continues to ensure that ship and offshore installation source pollution threats and risks are minimized so as to reduce impact on marine environment appreciating that Kenya and its economic interest are integrally linked to pristine, clean and safe oceans.

To prevent and control pollution from ships a wide range of legislation has been developed at the international level, through the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and at country level where the reduction of pollution from shipping is an integral part of Kenya’s Maritime Authority since its beginning, in 2004.

Our objective is to regulate ship and offshore installation sources pollution in all Kenyan navigable waters for safe navigation and protection of the marine environment.

To reduce the risk of marine pollution from ships, KMA provides technical assistance regarding implementation, monitoring, development and evolution of relevant Kenyan and international legislation. The three main areas of work currently include different aspect of oil and HNS spills, sewage and garbage from ships, ballast water management, offshore structures source pollution, the reception and handling of ships' waste.

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