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Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) was set up in June 2004 as the semi-autonomous agency in charge of regulatory oversight over the Kenyan maritime industry. Maritime safety and security is one of the Authority’s core functions.  As the pacesetter of the Kenyan maritime industry, KMA thus strives to strengthen national maritime administration through enhancement of regulatory and institutional capacities for safety and security, fostering effective implementation of international maritime conventions and other mandatory instruments on safety &  security, promoting maritime training, coordinating Search and Rescue, preventing marine pollution and promoting preservation of the marine environment as well as  promoting trade facilitation and maritime investments. The enactment of a new Merchant Shipping Act, 2009 has enhanced delivery of services by the Authority in these areas.

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Emergency Numbers

Regional Maritime Rescue  Coordination Centre


General : +254(041)2131100/6
Wireless : +254-020-8007776
Mobile : +254-0721-368313
Fax : 0208007776


Fleet 77(IOR)
: 00870-764626657
INMARSAT C (IOR) : 463400071
INMARSAT C (AOR-E) : 463400070